Halong Victory Star Cruise

Welcome to Halong Victory Star Cruise – a new wind in series of 5 -star cruise running Halong tours now.

Halong Victory Star Cruise was launched in 2009 by Mr Hoa who has 20-year experience in Halong tourism. He is one of the first people focused on arranging Halong tours and services on luxury cruises in Halong Bay. In recent years, the demand about the services and tours in Halong of customers is increasing and strict. Therefore, by the talent and experience, Mr Hoa has spent his time and effort to build Halong Victory Star Cruise with standard definition of Elegant – Luxury – Comfortable.

Halong Victory Star Cruise is the most luxury and modern 5-star cruise in Halong Cruises. It is a iron cruise that has designed and built in the prestige factory. It is mixture of fierce of iron cruise and elegant of wooden designs that create the unique value of Halong Victory Star Cruise.

Halong Victory Star Cruise has 32 modern and luxury cabins with private balcony and windows that attracts a lot of customers. We also have professional chefs to cook delicious and diversified Europe and Vietnamese meals.

We, by all our experience and effort – Halong Victory Star Cruise commit to bring to you the international standard services and enthusiastic staffs of TRULY 5-STAR HALONG VICTORY STAR CRUISE.

pro_4.Victory Star Over View